About Us

Mission & Vision

Root to Rise was created in response to the global crisis and reset being experienced in the world at this moment related to (racial, economic, social) disparity and the state of our souls.
Our mission and vision is to serve young women in under-resourced communities ages 14 to 18 and encourage them to:
  • Grow in Self Awareness
  • Transform Limiting Beliefs
  • Tap into the Divine Spirit of Intuition
  • Discover Natural Gifts & Wisdom
  • Live Authentically with Intention, Compassion & Grace
  • Step into Power, Resilience & Confidence
  • Connect to the Healing Power of the Natural World
  • Create Sisterhood
  • Be Invested in Themselves & Others
  • Elevate Consciousness & Ignite Passion & Curiosity
  • Engage in Seva ~ Selfless Service

What We Do

All programs are administered by adults with extensive training and certifications in yoga, meditation, and coaching.

Personal & Group Coaching

Provide support and guidance through life transition and collaborate to explore opportunities and identify resources to create a future based on awareness, choice and action.

Retreats & Camps

Multi day retreats and camps integrating nature, creative arts, personal awareness and introspection. Activities include hiking, vision boarding, journaling, yoga, meditation, poetry writing, storytelling, self exploration through photography, etc.


Extended learning opportunities focused on mindfulness, resilience, ancestral healing, purposeful & authentic living, money as energy, non-violent communication, writing and inner and outer connection.

In What We Believe

We believe that change in the world begins with change in the individual. Knowing and honoring oneself deeply actually heals the planet. We believe that when young women feel empowered from within, they will use that power to make a difference in the world. What we do for ourselves we do for each other.

Our goal is to elevate young women into meaningful, limitless, and joyful possibilities.


Emotions Through Painting

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Style Art Gallery

New York / USA – 2019

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Pittura Gallerie

Algarve / Portugal – 2019

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